The Past, the Present and the Future

The Present

It was Open Day at Irish Guide Dogs today, and I was on show with my trainer Susan, showing how well behaved I can be. There were loads of people in the centre and just as many dogs ! We did a demo with lots of other dogs we all thought we were really great ! That’s me in the middle facing the other way to the rest.

Roxy in a training demo

Then I went back to my kennel for a rest when …..Anne again ! She came into the kennel and stayed ages and we just chilled together. It was great.

Roxy and Anne

The Past

Then Anne went off to chat with some people and bumped into my half brother and predecessor Reece with his family. Aren’t they handsome boys ?

Reece with his partner.

The Future?

Then a visit to the puppy block, and the “B” litter, only 4 weeks old. Anne is hoping one of these will be hers in a few weeks time.

The “B” litter with mum Izzy

Just the “B” litter

It was great to see Anne again, I wonder……


About roxy1000fox

I am a guide dog puppy in training with Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. I am a first cross labrador/retriever.
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2 Responses to The Past, the Present and the Future

  1. Clive says:

    Anne, how wonderful to meet Roxy again. It must have been bitter sweet!

    Keeping our fingers crossed that you get one of the ‘B’ litter next – they are gorgeous – Murray gets so excited everytime he sees them.

    take care
    Clive & Co

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