Anne Again !

I’d just got back from a training session with Susan when Anne appeared again. Now I’ve got really attached to Susan, so I was kind of torn between the two.


When I realised , hang on a mo, it’s dinner time, and abandoned the two of them in favour of….food

I know..I’m totally shameless, but I’m also a dog! Seriously it was great to see Anne again, Susan told her I was doing really well on the Assistance Dog Program, and Anne was really pleased.

My neighbour Petra, was a bit jealous of all the attention I was getting.

But soon Anne was off again, after giving me a good few rubs and cuddles, I wonder if she’ll be back again ?


About roxy1000fox

I am a guide dog puppy in training with Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. I am a first cross labrador/retriever.
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2 Responses to Anne Again !

  1. They are absolutely beautiful!! I love the idea of the blog being written by such a cute dog puppy!

  2. Denis says:

    Nice to hear from you

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