Hey it’s Anne

I had a great surprise today, Anne came to visit me in the kennels at Irish Guide Dogs. There I was roaming around in my pen when I got a scent of this familiar person, so I wagged my tail, the way we dogs do. Then the scent became more and more familiar and I realised it was Anne!

Roxy and Anne

My trainer, Susan Turtle, let Anne into the pen with me and we were sooo pleased to see each other. Anne couldn’t stop patting me and cuddling me, very nice it was too!


And I got to do the trick Polly taught me.

Polly taught me this !

When I first came into kennels I didn’t bond with my trainer at first, I missed Anne and Polly, and was slow to accept Susan, but now I love her to bits

Roxy with Susan Turtle

And I ran away from Anne to get to Susan when she was taking these photos of me !

Where’s Susan

It was great to have my 2 favourite people together! Then Anne got to take me up to the sand arena to play for a while, and I got to show her how well I can retrieve now, I know she was proud of me. I love chasing the Kongs and bringing them back.

Roxy in the sand arena

Then it was time to say goodbye, but I heard Anne say she will come back and see me again in a month or so.  Life is so good !

Bye for now


Anne: It was great to see Roxy, looking so happy and content. Big thanks to Susan for taking the time to let me and Rox  be together for a while. Roxy is currently targeted for the Assistance Dog Program, which will suit her well as she adores children and is very gentle. More later in the year….


About roxy1000fox

I am a guide dog puppy in training with Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. I am a first cross labrador/retriever.
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2 Responses to Hey it’s Anne

  1. leahlarkin says:

    Beautiful! So glad you got to reunite with that wonderful dog. Loved the photos. You obviously did a super job with Roxy.

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