The Guide Dog Walk

Today we went to Apt market which is always a busy market

Apt Saturday Market

And Anne made me wear my halti, which I really don’t like, I had a long rest from wearing it, but recently Anne has been popping it back on from time to time, and you know, it doesn’t seem so bad anymore

Roxy and Halti

We met another guide dog puppy being puppy walked for Mira France he was a six month old Bernese Mountain Dog, isn’t he lovely.

MIRA is an organisation, founded in Canada that trains dogs specifically for young blind people

Mira Pup

Mira Dog

Anne said I did some really good work today, accepting the halti, and doing what she calls the Guide Dog Walk, she says all her dogs do it at a certain age. We lift our heads up, walk ahead and slightly in front of her, it was hard to get a good picture because by the time she found someone to take a photo I was beginning to loose concentration a bit, but this is nearly it !

The Guide Dog Walk


About roxy1000fox

I am a guide dog puppy in training with Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. I am a first cross labrador/retriever.
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