Well I am a retriever

BIG stick

There are some great walks around here, this is me on the Falaises where there are loads of sticks, I was really pleased to find this one, but then Poppy came along and tried to take it off me….

Poppy and Roxy

She was very determined, but no way!

A smaller stick

Anyway Anne took it off us as we were terrorising the smaller dogs rushing through the woods with it. So I found a smaller stick!

Beautiful Cereste

The damaged finger

But amongst all this perfection there has been a bit of a downside. Anne shut her finger in the jeep door and had to go to hospital to get it stitched, but she says it’s mending well and it hasn’t interfered with our walks or expeditions, but she has had to take a couple of days off riding.



But of course we couldn’t be deprived of all things horsey, so it was off to Avignon to the “Salon du Cheval”. Anne said it would be good for me to be somewhere really busy, and that it was ! Irish health and safety would have had a ball, horses everywhere mixing with the crowds, but I’m so used to horses at this stage that I behaved perfectly, although I did find all the french fries a bit hard to ignore.

Looks a bit like the Wild West

More horsey friends









The  other thing I get loads of practice at here is steps, they are everywhere !

Steps connecting Aristide Briand and La Bourgade

Steps to the Mairie

Steps up to our road

Steps to our front door

The stairs up to the appartment


About roxy1000fox

I am a guide dog puppy in training with Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. I am a first cross labrador/retriever.
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1 Response to Well I am a retriever

  1. Denis says:

    Thank you Roxy. It does not look like a town for bikes or wheelchairs…

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