Helping Anne

Life here is so different to at home, we spend far more time in the country although we actually live in a town !

Some days I help Anne feed the horses first thing in the morning

Feeding the Horses

But this morning we went to Apt where Anne has a Pilates class, next week I am going to join her, the nice lady who runs the class said that would be OK! After that we went to the small local market where Anne bought a truffle, it smelled amazing, and the lady selling them said maybe I could train as a truffle hound, but Anne explained that I already had a job to do!

Then it was home for a quick lunch, and off to the horses to treat Gigi’s feet which are growing there own kind of fungus

Gigi getting cleantrax'd

I kept her company and helped keep her calm, we’re the best of pals.

Best of Pals


About roxy1000fox

I am a guide dog puppy in training with Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. I am a first cross labrador/retriever.
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