Cassoulet for 30 people….no problem

Polly’s 30th birthday, to be combined with a house warming. Would I cook something she asked ? How many people am I catering for I asked ? Dunno she said. Hmm not a great start. How about a cassoulet I said. And so it began. A kind lady in Schull found me an enormous saucepan,  but also commented that West Cork people don’t eat sausages. Ah well first of all assemble the ingredients….image

Then cook your beans


Then the Sausages, chicken, and salt pork



All into the pot with some juice, and much to my amazement the pot fitted into the oven…just !


Not your classical cassoulet, but the proof will be in the eating on Saturday.

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Anne wants to say a few words

Oh and by the way I’m great with cats

I was up at the guide dog centre today with Belle, my latest guide dog pup, and I was lucky enough to be alerted to Roxy’s presence by Rhea.

Roxy is on day 3 of her training with her new owner, a fragile time, when the dog is learning to transfer her affections from the trainer (Rhea) to the new owner, so it was essential that Roxy didn’t see me or smell me, as this would be very confusing for her.

Rox was down a corridor and there were two doors between us, but Rhea pointed her out to me and I waved to her new owner, she looked lovely and they already seemed to make a pair.

Goodbye lovely Roxy, have a great life and I hope you bring loads of fun and tranquility to the little boy you will be helping.

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The Last Last Post

I’ve nearly finished my training. A couple of weeks ago  Anne came to see me in training, I had to behave as if I didn’t know her, although I was dying to jump around the place and say a proper hello, but that had to wait till after the training session.

We went down to the water

Down by the water

And I had to stand quietly while my trainer threw things into the water

And while other dogs came up and examined me….the cheek !

And I had to lie quietly while Rhea, my trainer, walked away.

Then I got loads of praise for being a good girl.

But today was different, Anne arrived at the centre and took me down to the sand arena, she brought Belle, her new puppy in training with her, between you and me she was a bit of a nuisance, but I showed her a thing or two while she was there. Like how to walk up and down the ramp ! But we were both rushing about so much Anne couldn’t get decent photos. Here’s me trying to steal the show.

Anne put Belle away and the two of us had a bit of quiet time together. Anne told me I was going to a new home, and would have a very special new friend to look after. Anne seemed a bit sad, but it all sounded great to me, kennels are OK but I’d rather be in a family home.

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The Past, the Present and the Future

The Present

It was Open Day at Irish Guide Dogs today, and I was on show with my trainer Susan, showing how well behaved I can be. There were loads of people in the centre and just as many dogs ! We did a demo with lots of other dogs we all thought we were really great ! That’s me in the middle facing the other way to the rest.

Roxy in a training demo

Then I went back to my kennel for a rest when …..Anne again ! She came into the kennel and stayed ages and we just chilled together. It was great.

Roxy and Anne

The Past

Then Anne went off to chat with some people and bumped into my half brother and predecessor Reece with his family. Aren’t they handsome boys ?

Reece with his partner.

The Future?

Then a visit to the puppy block, and the “B” litter, only 4 weeks old. Anne is hoping one of these will be hers in a few weeks time.

The “B” litter with mum Izzy

Just the “B” litter

It was great to see Anne again, I wonder……

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Anne Again !

I’d just got back from a training session with Susan when Anne appeared again. Now I’ve got really attached to Susan, so I was kind of torn between the two.


When I realised , hang on a mo, it’s dinner time, and abandoned the two of them in favour of….food

I know..I’m totally shameless, but I’m also a dog! Seriously it was great to see Anne again, Susan told her I was doing really well on the Assistance Dog Program, and Anne was really pleased.

My neighbour Petra, was a bit jealous of all the attention I was getting.

But soon Anne was off again, after giving me a good few rubs and cuddles, I wonder if she’ll be back again ?

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Hey it’s Anne

I had a great surprise today, Anne came to visit me in the kennels at Irish Guide Dogs. There I was roaming around in my pen when I got a scent of this familiar person, so I wagged my tail, the way we dogs do. Then the scent became more and more familiar and I realised it was Anne!

Roxy and Anne

My trainer, Susan Turtle, let Anne into the pen with me and we were sooo pleased to see each other. Anne couldn’t stop patting me and cuddling me, very nice it was too!


And I got to do the trick Polly taught me.

Polly taught me this !

When I first came into kennels I didn’t bond with my trainer at first, I missed Anne and Polly, and was slow to accept Susan, but now I love her to bits

Roxy with Susan Turtle

And I ran away from Anne to get to Susan when she was taking these photos of me !

Where’s Susan

It was great to have my 2 favourite people together! Then Anne got to take me up to the sand arena to play for a while, and I got to show her how well I can retrieve now, I know she was proud of me. I love chasing the Kongs and bringing them back.

Roxy in the sand arena

Then it was time to say goodbye, but I heard Anne say she will come back and see me again in a month or so.  Life is so good !

Bye for now


Anne: It was great to see Roxy, looking so happy and content. Big thanks to Susan for taking the time to let me and Rox  be together for a while. Roxy is currently targeted for the Assistance Dog Program, which will suit her well as she adores children and is very gentle. More later in the year….

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The Last Post ?

I could feel an atmosphere around the place yesterday, it had been a great return home, so I didn’t understand why everyone was a bit down, we’re very sensitive to people’s emotions you know.Sunday started as usual with a trip to Church, where everyone was very plaesed to see us, and then a trip to Harbour View and THE BEACH !!

Harbour View

Getting just a little wet

Ann and Anne went for a cup of coffee to the Pink Elephant, they are very dog friendly, and there’s a lovely view and good coffee!

View from the Pink Elephant

Lovely day ! Then yesterday we were up early and over to James Fort with Anne, Polly and Polly’s boyfriend Simon, they all tried to get me to go for a swim, but I don’t like to go in too deep, we had a lovely walk around the headland, then Anne dropped the others home and we were off to meet Orla, where I had to don my jacket and halti, and do my guide dog walk around Ballincollig. While we were waiting for Orla I got loads of cuddles off Anne, and she was talking away to me, something about being a good girl, and guide dogs ?????

Next thing we were up to the IGDB headquarters where I got to play with these 2 guys for ages and ages.


That’s my tail

Roxy's Tail

Making friends

Making Friends

Sussing each other out…such fun

Sussing each other out

Hey hang on where’s Anne gone ?

Anne: I’m going back to France this week to start a 500k trek on horse back to raise funds for the assistance dog program. Le Big Trek Roxy will start her training in May, and may go to another puppy walker for a few weeks, I wish I could have got her back in time to join the rest of her litter in training, but it just didn’t work out. I shall miss her.

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